Square Enix said that, contrary to fears in this regard, the reboot of Deus Ex he is not dead. However, it is possible that there are big changes in sight for the franchise. The devs of Mankind Divided, Eidos Montreal, have indeed updated information on their site, declaring that the future of the company will focus on the online, and that his new business model will require "continually providing new content to players".

As part of these changes, the graphics engine DAWN, which is a team creation, it is being updated to be able to interface better with the online. Together with the graphic engine, Eidos Montreal also makes changes to the organization chart: it is indeed looking for a multiplayer programmer and in general of candidates with good knowledge of the PSN and Xbox Live SDKs.

It is not a mystery that Mankind Divided did not get the results in which he hoped Eidos Montreal, who in any case will have something else on his hands at the moment given his contract with Marvel. We know in any case that we will return to the cyberpunk universe of the saga, although it will probably be a chapter very different compared to what was closed with Mankind Divided. If this is good news or not we will see it only in due course.