The more we see videos of Dragon Ball FighterZ the more incredible the way the work of Arc System Works he has been faithful to both the original anime and to the manga in portraying some of his most important moments.

In a new trailer, the software house has well demonstrated what it means when it said it wanted to literally reproduce the most dramatic moments in the history of Dragon Ball. This trailer, along with the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, shows how, in case certain conditions are met, intro and particular videos will be shown during the game. For example, playing a match that starts with Goku and Freezer on the planet Namek there will be a movie showing Freezer killing Krillin. Goku will then rage, become Super Sayan and then launch into battle.

Other sequences shown include the Kamehaha of a young man Gohan against Cell and an intro with Kid Buu. Take a look at the trailer now.