The PlayStation Experience, which took place on December 9 this year, had seen an unexpected announcement from Shawn Layden: the return of MediEvil, as a remastered edition for PS4. We still know relatively little about remastered, besides the fact that will turn into 4k. The news was kept hidden with care, and with great results: in fact, not even the creators of the original MediEvil, Jason Wilson and Chris Sorell, were aware of the scoop.

Sorell said the ad "came out of the blue" for him, and that he has many questions - such as who is working on it, and which version of MediEvil was chosen for remastering. More importantly: if there are time and budget to work in the right way.

Jason Wilson, the lead designer of the original MediEvil, said he learned of the announcement only through of Spanish fans on Twitter. At first Wilson thought it was a fan initiative, a short film or an unofficial remake. Then he discovered that indeed the announcement was "100% Sony" and it amused him, but also made him happy: "after all it was the happiest time I spent in the videogame sector, and I am proud of our work on MediEvil. "

The two creators have released a long interview with Push Square, which can be consulted in full Let us know if you have any suggestions