After porting DOOM e Skyrim, another great title is coming up Nintendo Switch, this time less dated than the two titles mentioned above: the excellent Wolfenstein II, available for some months on other platforms, will also come on the Japanese hybrid console in the early months of 2018.

A speak of this work of porting and optimization is the same senior manager of Bethesda Softworks, Andreas Öjerfors, with words of trust towards Panic Button, those who are taking care to bring Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch using the full power of the latter:

It is a collaboration with various software houses that work together with those who are more experienced. These are the same ones that have already worked on DOOM, the Panic Button. They are experts on Nintendo Switch and now they are also experts in the use of our Engine (iD Tech 6). If already DOOM turned out to be a real treat on Switch, I think Wolfenstein II will be the same.

Indeed, the good results obtained with DOOM bode well; we will certainly have a graphic downgrade but if the overall appearance will not lose much, combined with the ability to play such a title even in portable mode, we can expect great things from this version of Wolfenstein II.