The Christmas holidays are coming and it is time to bring families together to have fun with the much loved social games where we start with enthusiasm and prospects of winning, but then we end up without a grain and wanting to stop as soon as possible.

But now we are in the 2017, next to the 2018, the games of the future are electronic and what better opportunity to have fun with a Mario Party. Nintendo saw us along and published the new one, so to speak, Mario Party: The Top 100 which, as can be guessed by the title, is a collection of the best one hundred minigames chosen from all the chapters of the series, from the first for Nintendo 64 last for Wii U. This should already guarantee a high quality, since every Mario Party has had its best mini-games and we find them all, or almost all, in this collection; but when you have so many excellent ingredients and throw them all inside a single cauldron, the success of the dish is not guaranteed.

Mario Party: The Top 100

Once started the game we are faced with very simple menus and this is good: a few frills and you immediately start playing in one of the available modes: 100 minigames, the "story" single player, a marathon of mini-games where you have to make the highest possible score, challenge minigames e decathlon, in which we set the rules to arrive at a final goal. Interesting as it was also inserted a kind of encyclopedia, with information on all the Mario Party from which the minigames were taken, the music (some of which to be unlocked) and the key characters of the series; a small addition that makes the idea of ​​"good"final chapter"Of the series, unfortunately only ideally.

The first thing to do is to complete story mode to unlock all Xnumx minigames and here comes the first Mario Party limit: The Top 100; no boards, no interludes, no dice to shoot, only minigames to face one after the other until the end of the world boss. The minigames are called so because of their flash nature, this is true, but when you find yourself having to always break the rhythm of the game because you have to face a challenge that lasts 5 seconds well, a little 'the desire to move on remains on the stomach like the New Year's Eve dinner.

Fortunately the islands of which the story mode is composed are not so many and you get to the final boss soon enough and here, however, there is a welcome surprise, especially because we speak at the end of a party game and not a platform: a challenge worthy of being the last, with a tension and a 'epicness that give that minimum of satisfaction for having finished a mode that, although short, it seems to last an eternity.

The heart of Mario Party as it is obvious that, however, has always been the multiplayer and here, even here, Mario Party flaws in a fundamental aspect: the lack of game boards, where indeed almost everything happens. As mentioned previously, in this The Top 100 we only face minigames one after the other and only in one of the modalities, challenge minigames, we have a single small board where everything happens, looking for the stars and coins to take that they will be generated randomly at various points on the board. Too bad that this is so small that wherever it happens to be generated, the stars will always be too close to one of the players that in a single turn or at most two will be able to reach them and take possession of them, without then giving the opportunity to others to hope in achieving and launching a challenge in mini-games for supremacy. Anyhow this is definitely the funniest mode, since the action is broken by the board that, albeit small, leaves room for a certain (minimal) amount of strategy in using some bonus or malus items that will put us in an advantageous position, sometimes overturning the fate of the game.

This is all that surrounds, but the main course is obviously the mini-games, in this series title as never before. The first thought is obviously that these are all very successful as we are facing a selection of 100 best minigames, but unfortunately it is not like that. In my opinion, the really fun mini-games and rewarding the player's ability are just over twenty, with other nice but too short or other really insignificant, with a duration of a few seconds in which luck is the master, with sporadic cases in which luck is the only one to decide the fate of a match. But the help comes to our help possibility to create custom lists in addition to those predefined classified by console or type of minigames, in which we can insert our favorites to be able to play only or especially to those. Alternating "deeper" minigames such as volleyball to others less demanding and faster like a race of cars on the track can make sure that the game customized to our needs can be able to entertain and at the same time put a strain on anyone, veterans of the series or not.

The one where surely Mario Party: The Top 100 succeeds is the technical sector: for the more nostalgic to see old minigames updated with modern graphics, with a well-implemented 3D (but as always not essential for gameplay purposes), it's a pleasure, with Well-made polygonal models and worlds with colorful arenas. The same can be done for the soundtrack, which always manages to convey that sense of party that a game from the word "party" in the title can not do without.

Mario Party: The Top 100 fails in its intent to be a chapter that can replace the predecessors given the presence, ideally, of the best minigames ever made, but it is still fun if and only if played with friends (which must obviously have a console each but not necessarily the game thanks to the function "download and play") And through a careful selection of minigames, which then drastically reduces the total number of minigames whose challenge is worthy of electing a winner.

We are almost at 2018, but maybe the dear and old monopoli, Sinco, game of the goose e tombola still manage to be preferred to this video game during the festive evenings with friends and relatives.