Personally Kingdom Come: Deliverance it's one of the titles I'm waiting for with more trepidation.

The idea of ​​a RPG in the first person that allows us to immerse ourselves in the Middle Ages, without dragons, magic or anything else that can not be realistic, it struck me immediately.

To increase the hype was definitely the video that we show you to follow, well 16 minutes of gameplay to show us what the game will have to offer.

The game on a graphic level seems really well done.

At the beginning it seems to be in one of those Renaissance fairs or a live GDR session.

Immediately we are shown the combat system that seems quite complex, but that should help to give a certain realism to the title.

But even more interesting are the stealth sequences, worthy of a classic FPS, which should distinguish Kingdom Come from other RPG titles in which we sometimes throw ourselves headlong, ready to defeat our opponents.

The sequence in the forest is truly impressive: the detail of the vegetation is fabulous and even the ambient sound helps us immerse ourselves in this adventure.

The title is scheduled for Februarywe hope it is just as playable as it is beautiful to see.