Lots of information leaked during the livestream branded Atlus and entirely dedicated to Person 5: The Animation. This, in fact, the title of the upcoming animated series inspired precisely by the award-winning JRPG.

Let's start with the brand new trailer that, we are sure, will excite the hype of every fan.

Good. After having cleaned your mouth, let's move on to less enjoyable but equally important information. Release date: April 2018. Yes, but in Japan ...
Name of the protagonist: Ren Amamiya (福山 潤 in Japanese). The name will also be used for the upcoming Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.
The animation studio that will take care of the project is theA1 Pictures. For experts and lovers of the genre, clicking here it is possible to see in detail some of the staff and the cast involved in the production of the series.

We close with the new one key visual unveiled for the occasion:

Person 5: the animated series will be broadcast in April 2018 in Japan