One of the novelties or, better, return to the past of Nintendo Switch is the use of the cartridges as in the times of the N64 (in different format of course) and the Nintendo DS line; these certainly have advantages over CDs: less bulky and faster, but the cartridges have higher production costs in the capacity / price ratio.

For this reason initially the cartridges used by the software house for their games are limited to the 32 giga and therefore, in the case a game exceeds this dimension, it is necessary to resort to the game on cartridge plus other jig to download and install in the console. Sooner or later they would arrive (and arrive) le cartridges from 64 giga that will solve most of these problems but, unfortunately, we'll have to wait for the 2019.


The official reasons are unknown but, according to the Wall Street Journal, everything would be due to Nintendo's trade agreements with some cartridge manufacturers, which would therefore like to release the latter only in the 2019; in any case it is not good news for software houses that still see the available space and for users who, sooner or later, will be forced to buy a microSD capacious that can contain the many jig to download more.