The multimedia station par excellence is the PC, it is true, but in recent years the consoles have made a great leap forward not just limited to the game function. Thanks to the built-in browser then it is also possible surf the web having practically a window open on the world, even the red light.

Like every year the well-known site Pornhub has classified the consoles by number of visits and, in the first position, we find PlayStation with 56% of traffic. In second place, but with a decrease of 6%, we find Xbox (32% of visitors); still far away, but with an incredible increase of 110% compared to 2016, we find the portable console 3DS, while the Wii see a peak of 83%.

In the ranking we do not find yet Nintendo Switch, not having the latter an integrated browser (or rather, there is but is not yet freely usable). Who knows when Nintendo will decide to unlock it what will happen, probably coupled HD screen plus portability will make Switch the console preferred by the frequenters of Pornhub.