A game that does not want to die: Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell a lot and much of this success is also due to Grand Theft Auto Online, which makes the title virtually infinite.

Even today, four years after the debut, the game of Rockstar Games makes record on record: with an official post on his own blog, the software company announced that the 2017 was the best year for GTA and in December there was the largest influx of players on the servers.

GTA Online

One of the reasons could be the surprise publication last month of the update Shot of the Apocalypse; we do not have precise numbers regarding the connected users but the success is predictable, given that GTA V is always present among the most played titles on Steam and Xbox Live.

Maybe Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, but as long as Rockstar can count on the huge success of GTA V and its online component, we can wait blissfully.