Just a year ago Samus Blackley, creator of the first Xbox, defined the controller Duke "great in an embarrassing way"And indeed his successors have been much leaner; now instead the mistreated gamepad returns more fit than ever (more or less).

Blackley has indeed announced that Duke will return to the market and it will be produced by Hyperkin on Microsoft license; will be sold starting from next spring to the price of 70 dollars and, despite being a faithful reproduction of the original, it will still have small improvements.


On the front we have an OLED screen which reproduces the animation of the ignition of the console, then we have two bumpers (RB and LB) to make the controller usable even with modern games, and a USB cable to connect it to the Xbox consoles and the PC; it was instead deleted the memory card slot. It might seem like a nostalgia operation, but according to Blackley it's not like this:

Nintendo and other companies have made nostalgic products, but they are different. I do not want to criticize them, but it is so. This is not a nostalgic object with which to play the titles of the 8-bit era. With this pad you can play modern titles on modern devices.

Nostalgic operation or less, the dear Duke is it ready to come back, will you buy it or are you used to the new controller that offers the Xbox One?