By now we are used to it: sometimes the Humble Bundle decides to spoil us with some aggratisated game. This time, in the context of the "Winter Sale", the free game is "The Red Solstice". Nothing exceptional, of course, but still a game that guarantees a certain longevity and a good dose of fun if you are passionate about the genre. Developed by Ironward, The Red Solstice is a strategic survival self-defined "the spiritual successor of NOTD" (Night of the Dead, a very famous mod developed for Starcraft 2). Unlike Starcraft, however, it has its peculiarity in the co-op system up to 8 players with which to face the entire campaign. In short words: look for 3 or 4 friends, let him download and have fun.

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I know you would expect it now the magic link of the Kitty, unfortunately I can only give you a normal link that will allow you to download the game aggratise. It should work anyway here.