Beautiful times when children played with buildings and did not already think about how many people invest in GTA or in what bush to hide in Assassin's Creed: probably this was also thought by Nintendo who then presented Nintendo Labo, a new entertainment system designed especially for the little ones and that exploits the peculiarities of Nintendo Switch.

As you can see in the trailer shown last night, this series of games will allow you to construct some elements with pre-printed cartons like a small piano, a house, the pedal and the steering wheel of a car or a motorcycle, until you get to a real wearable robot, and then interface with the Switch screen that will act as a central "engine"; everything will take advantage of i infrared sensors of the Joy-Con:

"Our goal is to bring a smile on the face of everyone who comes into contact with Nintendo", said Satoru Shibata, president of Nintendo of Europe. "With Nintendo Labo and Nintendo Switch, players can discover new ways to play by giving free rein to their creativity. I personally hope that many users will have fun assembling the kits together with their families, with a big smile on their faces. "

Idea genius o Nintendo has he dared too much? Only time can tell us with adequate support from the software and the possibility of buying new ones Labo at an advantageous price.