I know you've all been stunned by the video of Fraws of SHORT DURATION on Doki Doki Literature Club.

I personally enjoyed it all in one breath and on the final scene I also applauded!

Have not you seen the video? VERY BAD! You can watch it hereIn case you open it, we'll see you again in an hour ...

Even before the video was released Fraws the project was in progress, but we want to believe that the success achieved (beyond 200 thousand views are not a number to ignore) has contributed to accelerate the development of this Italian patch for Doki Doki Literature Club, a game that enters, in my personal opinion, right in that circle of titles that amazed the audience with their unexpected content from the horror aftertaste or, as Fraws says, disturbing, along with games like "To The Moon","Ib"And others like that.

Thanks to Project Magnus Opera All-Ice Team, we can find on this site the patch and the instructions to apply it, in such a way as to allow you to enjoy this experience without the language barrier that could restrain some of you.

Now you have no more excuses, do yourself a favor and play with it.

Ah, remembering that the game is not suitable for the most sensitive people ... do not say we did not tell you.