No time to enjoy that masterpiece that is 5 person and there is already talk of a sequel or any other games related to the brand. To do so is the same Atlus which, through a survey of Japanese players, asked where they would like a new game including their own Persona 6.

Il survey it is very vast and includes many kinds, also spin-off; in the future we may therefore not find ourselves facing a new main chapter, but rather a fighting game, an online RPG, a strategic RPG, an action RPG, a shooter and that's why the devices taken into consideration range from PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC to PlayStation VR PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS and smartphone.


We do not know what the Japanese will choose, we must rely on their preferences, in any case it is nice to see the interest of Atlus in knowing what the players want, hoping to see a day 6 person on our favorite console.