Streamers (both as an active and passive part) may have already learned that Facebook has decided to challenge the most famous broadcasters in the gaming world, that is Twitch e Youtube Gaming.

Facebook, which has already given the opportunity to stream online with its service Facebook Live has seen good results in this last year.

For example StoneMountain64, followed by almost 1 million people, has allowed, with its daily streams, to bring many people closer to games like PUBG, Fornite and many others.

Aware of the possibilities that this field offers (on the other hand in a old article on PDVG we have pissed off a few numbers from this sector), Facebook has decided to launch completely into this field with 4 key points in mind:

  1. Help to create dedicated communities
  2. Increase discovery and distribution on various platforms, including Instragram and Oculus, plus Facebook of course
  3. Help the streamer with all the tools needed to make their business better
  4. Build a platform where everyone, at any level, can prosper

Among the first features announced, there will be the possibility of streaming to 1080p and 60 fps and, as soon as possible, allow the use of Oculus for the stream of games in VR.

Above all, which perhaps interests the most, Facebook stated that they are already exploring various options to allow streamer followers to support them economically and thus facilitate monetization of videos and live shows.

More details will be unveiled during the PAX East in April.

Integration of streaming services directly within Facebook it could make the birth of many new channels simpler, giving life to a new generation of streamers, who out of laziness or technical incapacity, had never considered the possibility of undertaking this activity.

Certainly greater competition should lead to higher quality in the long run by all platforms to establish itself as a market reference point.