Monster Hunter: World is finally out, at least on consoles. It will take a while for the PC version, which will arrive only in the autumn - but in the meantime you can console yourself with the launch trailer for the Xbox One and PS4 version. The trailer is short, but beautiful.

Is not the first trailer Monster Hunter: World that amazes us, but it is certainly among the best. In addition to a quick look at the landscape, the trailer focuses on what interests us most in the game - the monsters, the manifold ways they can kill us, and the tools with which players can make pan for cake, either alone or in a cooperative . Basically everything that makes Monster Hunter: World what it is, in less than a minute.

If you have decided to dive into the game immediately, do not forget to consult ours Instructions for Use!

The path of Monster Hunter: World does not stop there. In addition to the PC output, the game has a defined program for post launch content. The PC version will be available in the autumn 2018.