Spider-Man to PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles of the 2018. The title of Insomniac amazed already with its first teaser E3 2016, but the details available on the game are few. Sony has not yet confirmed the official launch date of the game, but a Swedish retailer may have accidentally disclosed it - if the leak is reliable, Spider-Man will arrive on the Sony console in the fall.

The retailer in question, CoolShop, introduces Spider-Man as available from Friday 28 September 2018. Of course it could be a simple temporary date or a placeholder waiting for Sony and Insomniac to announce a definitive one, so the information must be taken with the pliers.

Spider-Man release date leak

At the beginning of January, the game director Brian Horton he had said that Spider-Man's launch date was very closeTherefore, regardless of the truth of the leak, Spider-Man fans can be confident: the wait for play dedicated to the Marvel superhero will not last long.