He was in the air and finally a handsome nerfbat arrived on some cards Hearthstone.

Here are the changes, which will be live from 1 February to not alter the current season:

Nightmare of bones (Bonemare): switch from 7 to 8 mana

Horror of the Tunnels (Corridor Creeper): the force falls from 5 to 2

Sghigno the Pirate (Patches the Pirate): will no longer have Charge

Raza the Chained (Raza the Chained): hero power will cost 1 and no longer 0

With these nerf the developers of Hearthstone they wanted to curb some overly widespread archetypes, even if the nerf after just over a month of the Orrore dei Cunicoli made it clear that the playtesting of Kobolds and Catacombs It was a little bit done with your feet.

Obviously from February 1 you can shardare these cards and get the full cost in dust.

We also remember that there will be changes regarding the ladder: each player will start the new season (starting from March) 4 levels above where he was placed in the last (example: if you ended up in 5 rank you will start again from rank 9).

Are you happy with these nerf?