That of these hours could be a sensational news for the videogame market (to you the sentence if it is positive or not): according to some rumors, reported by Polygon, the colossus Microsoft he would be thinking of buy Electronic Arts, Valve e PUGB Corp. to try to fill the gap with competitors and appear more appealing to consumers.

The thing would be more than feasible, even if the outlay should be really huge: Redmon's company has one liquidity of at least 130 billion dollars and that of Electronic Arts, valued around 35 billion, would not be such an impossible purchase; at the same time the high value of Valve and the company behind it must be combined PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which can count on millions of players all over the world.


It is obviously about rumor but the words of Phil Spencer, according to which "the company will invest more to get more first party content"Seems to corroborate these rumors; there are many analysts who actually see the thing positively, at least for Microsoft, since now the difference in position in the market with PlayStation 4 is huge.

If we then think that the current president Satya Nadella he was the one who started theacquisition of Mojang e con esso Minecraft for 2,5 billions of dollars, we can understand how effectively the current Microsoft is well inclined to expand with acquisitions already "tested" in the field.