It is the phenomenon of the moment. Monster Hunter World It is making dizzying numbers all over the world, but it is in Asia that the chase-mania is really setting record-breaking records, with an incredible one for a game that has come out of such a short time.

Speaking of only Japan, the game Capcom It is only available on PlayStation 4, making Monster Hunter World a Sony exclusive right up to the PC output; in just three days the sales reached 1,350 millions of retail units sold and, even considering digital ones, we get more than 2 million.

Monster Hunter World

An incredible record, which rewards Monster Hunter World as the best-selling game in the entire history of the Sony console in the Land of the Rising Sun.. As said before, being this at the moment an exclusive PlayStation 4, it was normal to expect a boost in sales console: in the week before the game had been sold 44.910 units, while in the week of Monster Hunter World has arrived to 140.432 units sold.

An incredible result, which has rewarded both Capcom and Sony for this marriage that, on balance, could not be happier.