The announcement of Bayonetta 3 exclusive Nintendo Switch has thrilled all the owners of the Japanese hybrid console and at the same time, as already happened with the second chapter, has unleashed the anger of Sony users that have seen the saga (together with those of Microsoft).

Indeed if it were not for Nintendo we would not even be talking about "saga", since after the uninspiring results of the first Bayonetta nobody wanted to finance Platinum Games to have a second chapter; nobody except Nintendo precisely. Ask if Bayonetta 3, once again exclusive Nintendo, arrives also on the other consoles is a bit 'useless, but apparently the requests a Hideki Kamiya there were so many that, in the end, the author answered a bit 'angry, to put it mildly:

"If Nintendo says yes, then yes. So ask Nintendo. And ask him to bring Mario and Zelda to PlayStation 4 too. " with attached final insult. In short, Kamiya has again brought to light his character, but perhaps this time the reason is on his side.