Dragon Ball FighterZ It is a success, considered by many to be one of the best beat-ups in history and certainly the best set in the universe created by Akira Toriyama. Despite the great care taken by the developers and the DLC coming in the future, currently the roster did not satisfy everyone, with some key characters, or alternative form of them, absent.

Fortunately the modders got to work immediately and on the PC version you can already download some custom skins that will delight those who still do not have their favorite among the playable characters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

From our website fighterzmods it is in fact possible to download different mods, including those that will allow you to use Vegeta in his Saiyan armor, Goku in basic form e Super Saiyan 3, Freezer at its maximum power, Gotenks and Gohan baby in basic form, Baby Vegeta and many others.

Obviously, these being the only skins of existing characters, the moveset will be identical to the basic fighter, but those who can not help but use a particular character for the moment will have to settle for this.