Following the events that led to the suspension of a player area of Overwatch League, Twitch He decided to put his hand to its guidelines to safeguard its image and allow users to stop attending certain scenes, or at least drop the heavy hand to repress them.

If one of the users of Twitch will be caught in the act of abusing other people also through other platforms (such as Youtube o Twitter) punitive actions will be taken in this regard. This can even lead to the user's permanent ban.

A list of all that Twitch you will consider as "harassment" you can find a this link.

In this regard, those of Twitch they also stated that there will not be a team that will detect these cases, but everything will work through internal reports and, if an irregularity is revealed that triggers the sanctions, will only after various checks to act ( therefore, any ban will not be commissioned until after adequate verification).

Although this policy may appear to be a violation of user privacy (on the other hand it may seem to be "spied"), the public nature of these platforms allows you to easily monitor misconduct without harming anyone's rights (if you do not want to let people know what you think of the world, set a private profile for a select few).

The new guidelines will come into force from 19 February and they will also have a retroactive effect. Indeed Twitch will report to all users who have videos on their platform that will be considered offensive, with a consequent request for immediate removal, otherwise it is impossible to continue using their platform.


A very hard line of action, but it became necessary as a result of various cases of harassment via the web, of which the "Overwatch League" case is just the straw that broke the jar (and even more visible, given the visualizations that having the championship).

You have been warned:

Ignorantia legis non excusat