Which better console if not Nintendo Switch to be able to play Hearthstone on the move, wherever we want? Of course, at the moment you can do it with smartphones and tablets, but being able to take advantage of the large display of the Japanese hybrid and have such a game in its catalog would be wonderful.

But unfortunately Blizzard ha declared and there is no Switch version of Hearthstone, at least for now. The reasons have not been declared, but there is to think that indeed a title so marked by online multiplayer bad fits a laptop that can not connect to the internet without the presence of a wi-fi.


Although with smaller screens, smartphones (on which Hearthstone is available for download) have the opportunity to take advantage of the data plan of their sim to play online, which is essential for the game Blizzard; using tethering with Switch would be an opportunity, but everything would be quite cumbersome.

Who knows if one day the software house will retrace its steps, aided by the success of the console, and will bring anyway Hearthstone on the Nintendo Switch.