Biomutant is the next open world of experiment 101. Originally the game was revealed to the Gamescom last year, but recently we had more information from the director of the study Stefan Ljungqvist, who talked a little bit more about the game in a video by PC Gamer.

At the center of the Biomutant world is a giant tree with five large roots that extend into different parts of the map. The bosses at the end of each root are poisoning the tree and must be defeated to ensure the survival of the world. Each action will revolve around this central element and will also affect the final, both positive and negative. What you see just below, however, is the image of the character editor.

This tool seems very interesting. A hexagonal grid and sliders allow you to change not only the biomutante's appearance, but also to adjust a range of statistics. "Recoding" your DNA changes elements such as the shape and color of the fur but also the number of certain parts of your body that will therefore influence a range of cybernetic skills and more. In short, a certain depth and possibility of personalization for what remains a highly anticipated title.