The Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.03 patch will bring numerous important updates and corrections.

According to the developer, Warhorse Studios, the patch will affect: a potion to repel Henry, a save and exit function will be added and the problematic lock picking and pickpocketing will be reviewed.

More It is not known when the patch will be releasednor do we have a definitive list of updates.

Several quests will be corrected by eliminating bugs, said Warhorse, "The patch will be focused on correcting the bugs reported by the player as quickly as possible and seen in the streams that we can follow."

Here at the moment what contains the list of improvements in the patch.

Kingdom As 1.03 Deliverance patch

  • Save and Exit functionality
  • Improved Lockpick mini-controller controls for controllers
  • Improvement of the Pickpocket mini game
  • Alchemical recipe to be able to repel Henry
  • Many quest-related bugs



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