Dark Horse has produced themed merchandise The Witcher in the past, but their next piece could be somewhat atypical. In fact, it is a statuette that depicts Geralt in the act of taking a bath - reproducing the famous scene of The Witcher 3. A prototype of the statuette has been unveiled at Toy Fair New York.

The statue is still a work in progress, and CD Projekt Red it is undecided whether to give the green light to its production or not. The colors themselves may change, should Dark Horse proceed with a final version.

The statue is similar to that received from PC Gamer in the 2017, sent jokingly in reference to the Geralt screenshot in the bathroom, now obligatory presence in the articles on The Witcher. To be precise, this:


Dark Horse
Who would not want to capture a similar moment?

The effect is indeed remarkable. It remains to be seen if Dark Horse will receive the go-ahead, and what fans will think of it. Self for some bizarre reason felt the need to see the statue from other angles, you can find a gallery taken by Polygon visiting the fair at this link.

Dark Horse statue