There are only two weeks left to launch Sea of ​​Thieves, and Rare developers continue to unveil details on the aspect that the 20 march will have on the game. In the spotlight this time they go customization options for ships, shown in a video.

It will suffice to customize your sailing ship visit a carpenter in an outpost on an island. With the assistance of the carpenter you can change the livery of the sails and the hull, as well as figureheads ranging from the most sober to the most baroque. The video does not mention any changes to other parts of the ship, like cannons, even if the possibility remains: i past datamines in fact, they suggested that it would be possible to customize these too.

The dev Ted Timmins explained that Rare considered it important to introduce this type of customization from the launch, so that spotting a sail instead of another on the horizon made actually the difference. "You may have heard of that crew," says Timmins - a level of persistence that would surely increase empathy.

The wait for Sea Of Thieves is almost over: the Rare sandbox will be released the 20 March 2018.