Grand Theft Auto V arrived on the market five years ago and, even today, is one of the most played titles thanks to the vast community of modders and especially for the online game that makes the game Rockstar Games practically infinite.

The software house will however be thinking of its successor, presumably called GTA VI, and the YouTube channel The Know just in these hours he revealed what should be some leaks related to this new chapter. Although there is no official information, The Know has several times anticipated announcements then revealed to be true, like those of Bloodborne e Dark Souls III, therefore a minimum of credibility is right to grant it.

Currently GTA VI would be known by the codename of Project Americas and it should be available from 2022; the setting would space between Miami and South America, while it is still unclear what the historical period will be. The two large areas will still be connected to each other and, as is obvious, completely explorable at 360 °.

The news, however, do not stop here: according to the YouTube channel in fact for the first time in the history of the series we will have a female protagonist, although it is not clear if the latter will be part of a group of characters that we can take control (as in GTA V) or if it will actually be the only protagonist as in previous chapters.

No denial or confirmation by Rockstar Games; taking this information with the pliers, however, we can not begin to fantasize about the new Grand Theft Auto VI.