Sometimes they return: the two videogames of the franchise of Amnesia they are often included in bundles and offers, and sometimes they travel together also as gifts. So it is this time: a lot Amnesia: The Dark Descent as the sequel Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs are available for free on Steam!

In both of these graphic adventures you will play in the first person, immersing yourself in a setting that is undoubtedly the reference point for many survival horror. Unarmed and defenseless, the only chance of surviving will be to not be noticed by the terrible monsters that populate the Prussian castle of Brennenburg (in the first game) and the gloomy mansion of Oswald Mandus in the Victorian London (in the sequel).

Be careful, however: the games are free individually, while for some reason the collection is still shown at full price. By clicking on package info you should also be able to download that quietly. You can do it here .