Internet is that beautiful place where many sites want to teach us how to become irresistible for women. The wisest among us will know that clicking on those to maybe is not the best thing to do and that, perhaps, it would be too good to have a universal formula to conquer the woman of our dreams ... or the first we meet on the street, because we speak clearly it's not like we're so fussy.

But is it so foolish to dream that it is possible? And if maybe a method existed? Do not you have the memory of that love disappointment that you would spare?

Richard La Ruina, our 'friendly seduction guru', believes it is possible. Not only that, he knows that anyone, regardless of his physical appearance, can seduce any woman, and that's what he wants to teach us with his videogame Super Seducer. We tried the game, kindly offered to us by the developer, and we really enjoyed finishing it and exploring it.
Our Supreme Fraws Leader has covered the game on the youtube channel (click here and have fun) to then have the pleasure of interview Richard. We have here exclusively the video of the interview where we have come to know very interesting things.

Richard was actually very shy and gave his first kiss to 21 years. Thanks to her efforts she managed to overcome the difficulties in approaching the opposite sex, until she became a guru thanks to her study. Other interesting themes are the seduction in the Internet age, when La Ruina explains what has changed, his Italian origins and his passion for videogames.

Without anticipating anything else, good vision.


We at PDVG, which we have made of love experiences in love and we would like to end this piece with two beautiful stories of two of pikes told by our staff.

The Fine - Damiano Pauciullo

The first outings in the group, the first glances and the first messages. It all started like this until I realized she really liked me and, at the same time, I hoped she felt the same. The signals he sent me were actually positive, with the various "hello" and "goodnight" to make me wake up and fall asleep with a smile, up to that exit, always in a group, in which several reciprocal gestures had revealed both. By now it was done, we keep hearing over the phone until we decide to go out together, alone, almost as if we wanted to formalize the thing. How beautiful! I prepare well, I put the scent but not too much, I do not want to look desperate, we make an appointment at the Zodiac of Rome, what a perfect and romantic place! I arrive and wait ... after half an hour of his delay I start thinking about having to get used to it: on the other hand she was a girl and the delay is in their DNA. Of course, when the delay has become almost an hour two questions have been made to me. Then, finally, his message arrived and I already imagined his apologies, perhaps the request to wait only five more minutes. Poor illusion ... "I do not feel sorry, but our story can not continue". Ah, so it started? I go back home in a mixture of dejected and angry; Fortunately, after a few days everything had passed, until a registered letter arrived for having passed through the ring road at night, that night, obviously in the forbidden point. I will always have a memory of that evening, the fine.

Homonyms - Giuseppe De Luca

Mine is not a real two of spades, but it is equally serious: in my first year of university I met in the city where I was studying a girl who came from my own city that I had known for some time. After the exchange of numbers (I'm old then we talk about cell phones of the first generation), I wait a few days and send a message to ask if she went to see us for a ride together. She accepts. On the day of the appointment, I arrive on time, even a few minutes in advance, and after a while I see her arrive, turn around and leave.
At that point I try to call her to ask her why she was gone: she thought she had made an appointment with another person who had the same name.

One of the basic rules that Super Seducer teaches, which many people ignore, is that it is not good to touch the person that interests us. Would you ever say that?
Well in many societies such acts are considered obscene and could result in your expulsion from many public places.

A trap in which it is certainly common to fall is the easy insult. Incredibly, people do not like being offended, especially when talking about things they care about. So the best approach is to respect our target, listen to what you have to say and avoid offensive comments.