GameMaker Studio 2, popular 2D game engine with which titles such as Hyper Light Drifter e VA-11 HALL-A, has signed an agreement with Nintendo to bring the engine on Switch in style.

After the announcement of Undertale during Nintendo Direct, probably the most famous game made with GameMaker, the creator YoYo Games has revealed that he has partnered with Nintendo. This engine has long been a blind spot for Nintendo systems in terms of support and its absence is particularly relevant for the cancellation of Hyper Light Drifter su Wii U.

Ninto worked with YoYo to run the engine on Switch and now there is the option to export the title directly to Switch. In theory, this should pave the way for many indie developers.

In the press release of YoYo Games, Toby Fox, creator of Undertale, commented: "I am excited to use GameMaker Studio 2 to bring Undertale to the Nintendo Switch. I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I hope Mario will play my game. "