A happy time for Dragon Ball lovers: on Sunday we will have the last episode of the Super anime, yesterday we announced a new movie coming in December in Japan, and now we have a trailer that shows and announces a new mobile game for iOS and Android, which we can play from this summer: Dragon Ball Legends.

From the video we can see how the game, presumably free-to-play, will allow intense battles with users all over the world in real time, with a really rich graphics and with a gameplay based on the cards, which will allow spectacular combos, energy shots and power-ups.

Within the story we will also have a new character born directly from the pencil of Akira Toriyama, as well as Goku, Vegeta, Freezer, Piccolo, Nappa and Pan. At the moment we do not have an official release date, but it is possible pre-register both on the App Store and on the Play Store to be able to then take advantage of many bonuses.