Is not Illidan that lands on Sea of ​​Thieves, but the "small" fact that must be done to the creators of the game who did not expect a success like that.

In fact, the launch of Sea of ​​Thieves it did not go really well as far as the server side is concerned, because the players who tried to start their pirate career immediately found themselves with a lot of problems including connection to the difficult game, random disconnections and so on.

Even at some point the developers had to prevent new players from coming into play.

Let's say that the server overload was predictable, given the possibility of exploiting theXbox Pass from day-one, even if the various problems have not even allowed the download if not officially released and then many have had to wait in the evening or even the day after, for those who had a slower connection, to actually start play Sea of ​​Thieves (even not to play, since the problems have continued).

I think they did not use enough slaves to make the game servers work

Microsoft e Rare they are committed to solving the problems as soon as possible, so surely in the coming days, also considering that the hype will be waning, everything should be resolved.

I do not remember such a problematic launch since the days of Diablo 3 (and in those days tons and tons of memes about the infamous were born error 37).

And how many did you say for the incompetence of those who had to manage the game servers?