The analysis company Superdata has compiled a report comparing revenue and statistics on Twitch for both PUBG that for Fortnite. The latter turned out to be in advantage in both sectors in February.

According to the numbers, the last week of February saw Fortnite with 14 millions of unique viewers on Twitch and PUBG with 8.7 millions of views.

In February, Fortnite's total PC and console revenue hit 126 million dollars compared to 103 millions of PUBGs. It should also be noted that Fortnite is available on PS4 while PUBG is not.

For SuperData, PUBG's revenue peaked in December, when it left early access and arrived on Xbox One. The title closed the 2017 with 712 millions of dollars in revenue and the figure was earned in just eight months. Since January 2018, the game has also sold over 30 million copies on PC and Xbox One, figures that Fornite is approaching in an unstoppable way.