After the Italian adventure of the fourth season, the gentleman thief Lupin III he moves to nearby France, in Paris, where his new adventures of the fifth season will take place, debuting these days in Japan.

On the occasion, on the YouTube channel of TMS Entertainment the beautiful was published symbol of the anime, in which we can see one change of graphic style anduse of from Lupine, like smartphones and PCs with hacking systems.

We can understand how the direction taken by the manga and anime of Monkey Punch is much more modern and suitable for our times already from the synopsis of the first episode, entitled "Twin Tower no Shojo"(" The Girl of the Twin Towers "):

The story begins with Marco Polo, a website where people can illegally buy drugs and weapons. Lupine's goal is to grab the digital currency that the site gains through transactions: to do so, one key is needed and that's why Lupine infiltrates the Twin Towers, a massive server structure under close surveillance. The keeper of the key that meets Lupine is a brilliant hacker girl named Ami.

We're really looking forward to seeing the new season in Italy as well Lupin III, perhaps maintaining the original abbreviation without this being entrusted to rappers or presumed ones.