It was probably obvious, but the bad moods that the voices began to arouse in various users led Digital Foundry to analyze DOOM after applying the patch on Xbox One X e PlayStation 4 Pro which allows you to play the title in 4K, since it seemed that the latter did so increase the resolution, but also decrease fluidity.

The thing has been confirmed: the dynamic resolution system does not work aggressively during the most excited phases, thus leading to a drop of about ten frames per second on both the Microsoft and Sony consoles, with a real resolution of 2160p on Xbox One X e 1440p on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Not a tragedy, since we're talking about Current 50fps against the original 60s, but we should not be surprised too much: an increase in resolution leads to a consequent drop in fps (as on PCs), while an increase in these leads to a "worsening" of the definition.