Little is left to the return of Kratos in God of War, this time in the company of his son, and the many trailers and information that we could see in recent months, it seems that PlayStation 4 will soon be able to enjoy a new masterpiece. The reviewer of. Is not of the same opinion What if Gaming, which he published without respecting the expiry of the embargo the first world review of the Santa Monica title, drawing attention to itself.

In addition to being the first, this review speaks very badly about the game, criticizing the story that would seem to be trivial and in-depth, as well as the complicated and useless tree of skills, or even a repetitive combat system, ultimately praising the audio and video industry.

A real disaster in short (although in the end the reviewer gave a final vote of 8.5), but before alarming it is good to know that, most likely, the review is a fake. Once posted on ResetEraIn fact, many users have noticed how in the same review there were inconsistencies, proving that probably the reviewer has not even finished the title. To intervene, then, it is even the software house Santa Monica, literally declaring to give up that review because it would, indeed, be a fake:

Believe me, guys. That review is a fake. You will see it very soon. Put it aside, so you can laugh at it.

It is normal for developers to defend their hard work and scramble against a review that rebuffs in full God of War, but since even the same users had from the beginning doubted about the veracity of the review, we can probably sleep peacefully on the goodness of the exclusive Sony coming soon 20th April.