The Banner Saga 3, the last and awaited chapter of the Viking saga of Stoic Games, now has an official release date: the 24 July 2018. The game will arrive on PC, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, and in the case of the last two will include a physical release containing a bundle for the entire trilogy.This physical edition will arrive in Europe the 27 July.

Originally, the debut of The Banner Saga 3 was scheduled for December 2018, but the dev had not come to terms with the extraordinary success crowdfunding for the development of the game: The Banner Saga 3 kickstarter has in fact obtained more than double of the economic target designated at the beginning of the campaign. In light of the acclamation received from the two previous titles, this demonstration of trust from the fans It is undoubtedly deserved.

In addition to announcing the publication date of The Banner Saga 3, Stoic Games has also released some details about the bonuses available with preorders: on PC and Mac, these will include the Dredge Ally Pack, which will give access to a new playable character with unique instruments, heraldic Dredge and the heroic title of Shield Clever.