According to rumors, 2K is going to bring back to the stage one of its flagship franchises. È in fact, a new one is in the pipeline BioShock, according to what was written by journalist Jason Schreier on Kotaku.

The task of working on the new BioShock would have been entrusted to a "top secret" study by 2K, whose identity would be unknown even to other company employees. In the article, which mainly deals with problems suffered from software house 13 Hangar in its development of Mafia III. The correlation is soon said: the "secret" study of 2K (from the codename Parkside) is located right next to the 13 Hangar headquarters, and during its investigation Schreier would have been unbeaten in the process of developing a new title BioShock from Parkside. Schreier also added that the graphics engine used will be the Unreal Engine.

Also according to Schreier, several and dissatisfied employees of Hangar 13 would like to change jacket, but the new one BioShock it would be in an embryonic stage - and Parkside is not yet ready for a significant expansion of its organization chart. The report in question can be consulted entirely here.