He upset all his players, even ours Fraws, Doki Doki Literature Club apparently wants to continue to make people talk about themselves: in these hours, as you can see from the screen below, the game of Saved Team it is updated with one patch of over 100 MB official changelog which leaves however several doubts open.

As you can see, the update is from well 120 MB, which is not so much in the modern era, but if we think that the full game weighs only 300 MB, we can understand that we are facing substantial modifications or additions, even if at the moment everything is shrouded in mystery. The final sentence of the changelog, then, "No new game has been added, hidden or otherwise"It seems in the style of developers to announce just the opposite.

What the adventures we have experienced in Doki Doki Literature Club are not they actually finished? The horror is perhaps coming back to take possession of our PC.