At four days from the launch di God of War, Cory Balrog can afford to celebrate - even more so given the positive opinions that are raining around the exclusive PS4. The game director who has brought the series back to the limelight after five years of work, however, is already there thinking about the future, which ideally would not include a new one God of War - more precisely, it would not include an existing franchise at all.

During an interview granted to the YouTube channel SkillUp, in fact, the game director he declared he wanted to dedicate himself to a project completely original: something that comes "to 100%" from its creativity. This does not mean that Balrog is dissatisfied with God of War, rather: in the interview, the dev speaks in detail about the difficulties faced in the five years of development, and his fear of failure - a fear heightened by the prestige of the franchise that had been entrusted to him. At the moment, Balrog and his team will have to follow the actual launch of God of War, but if sales were to go as well as, or better than expected, it is hard to believe that Sony is not willing to give Balrog the opportunity to create something original.

The impromptu interview, which also includes Balrog's reactions to the reviews of the game, it is available below:

God of War 20 will be released on April 2018 exclusively for PS4.