As an avid and consummate player (or at least I used to be, I even made a certain name in the competitive national environment of some formats) I cannot fail to report this news regarding Magic: The Gathering.

Always considered one of the hobbies par excellence for us "boys", the competitive circuit of Magic has seen in recent years some female figures come out in the limelight.

And finally, after many attempts, here is the first woman to win one Grand Prix, to be precise that of Sydney, played in the last weekend.

She is Jessica Estephan and together with Ryan Lewis-Jonn e Lachlan Saunders has triumphed in the Sidney Team Grand Prix, in a tournament that saw 350 teams compete for the first (and conspicuous, economically speaking) award.

Some might argue that the victory came in a team tournament, but honestly I am delighted to see how one of the most beautiful games of all time, even if now with a barrier to entry from a frightening economic point of view, has finally seen a victorious female figure at high level.

Congratulations to Jessica and her team!