A few months ago, just myself, has published on PDVG la review by YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana for PS4, remaining quite satisfied with the product.

PCN porting finally arrives at 6 months away Steam but the reception was absolutely not among the best.

In fact, these months of work were not enough to give a decent product: most of the reviews on Steam are negative and for the most part they speak of serious technical problems.

Among the most voted reviews on the platform Valve you can read that YS VIII for PC it is a porting done in a "lazy" way with problems on the graphic options, game resolution, gamepad problems, horrible keyboard commands + mouse, hazarding a comparison with the porting of Dark Souls 1 for PC, also passed into history as one of the worst ports of recent years.

But NIS is not new to these debacle: in fact also the portings of Disgaea (a game that I personally love even though it is the apotheosis of the grindfest) e Tales of Symphonia they were disastrous at the time, although problems were gradually solved over time.

We can therefore expect a similar work on YS VIII but the worshipers of the "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race"For once they will have to get off the pedestal

For once the roles are reversed!