A tornado invested yesterday North Carolina, causing a state of emergency, very extensive power outages and a lot of damage to the city of Greensboro. But he also forced a player to Fortnite to interrupt his game.

Here are the words of Anton Williams:

I was sitting at home and playing at Fortnite, and all of a sudden I heard some noise. I looked out the window and started to see the roofs of houses close to mine but I stayed there because I was trying to finish my game.

Fortunately, at some point, common sense won.

But then it started to get worse, I started to see the light poles falling so I told my sister and my nephew to get into the bathroom.

Asked what was going through his mind as he waited for the storm to end in his bathroom, Williams said:

Honestly, I was just thinking about the game, but I also hoped that everyone was comfortable around me.

Take a look at the video below and, thinking that no one was hurt, you also have four laughs.