We have finally come to an end, or perhaps it is better to say that it is only the beginning of everything: the Dutch commission on gambling has decided that the prize funds video games that allow you to resell in other markets what you get they are to be considered in all respects illegal.

To become therefore illegal (it seems a big word, but actually it is so) are the likes of FIFA 18, DoTA 2, PUBG e Rocket League and the reason is explained by Marja Appelman:

These games are designed as games of chance and make the player believe he has almost won. When you open a prize draw, there are sounds and visual effects that invite the player to try again.

The commission then gave the software houses of these games eight weeks to find a solution and thus avoid severe fines or even a ban on the sale of these securities in the Netherlands.

Surely this will not end here: the Dutch commission has already announced that it will try to speak with the authorities of other countries for to fight definitively the diffusion of the prize coffers.