We live in an unhappy period of history where one is easily accused of racism and where the politically correct has fallen into ridicule in some countries. There could therefore not be a more unfortunate context for theunhappy translation used in the English dubbing of Dragon Ball Super. In the episode 56 (SPOILER) we see the good Trunks stop a group of policemen about to shoot Goku screaming "Do not shoot! This man is not black! ". Obviously Trunks refers to Black Goku, but given the context and commonplaces about black people in the United States the result is exhilarating.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to label it for what it is, a gaffe, and let it go. Obviously some SJW environments have reacted with indignation on the internet, in particular on Reddit under the tag "accidental racism".

Have a laugh with the video in question.