15 years are not few in the workplace, especially if we talk about the videogame industry and it is what has worked Ben Brode for the Blizzard.

Ben Brode he is known mostly for being the face behind the project Hearthstone, but he made his beautiful apprenticeship inside the Blizzard, starting with the qualification of "Night Crew Game Tester"Before arriving where he arrived.

Brode Friday night announced to leave the Blizzard to give life to a new company.


"After 15 years at Blizzard and nearly 10 years working on Hearthstone, I took an incredibly difficult decision to venture into a new journey."

These are the words that the same Brode wrote on the forums of the Blizzard, gathering the consensus of the majority of the community, which in the past has never spared them as regards the balancing of some cards (Ultimate Infestation and Shudderweck on all).

Obviously Brode He wanted to share his years of success with his entire staff of over 80 people, giving them the merit of having created that fantastic game that is today Hearthstone (maybe someone does not agree on the fantastic, but I personally find it a great pastime).

What will the future be for Brode and his new company? But above all, what direction will Hearthstone take after the man who has dedicated the last 10 years of his life left the field?

For the moment it is not possible to answer either question.

In the first case Brode is keeping a very reserved profile about what he is planning (even if he will have the eyes of everyone as soon as he comes out in the open).

For Hearthstone, remembering that very recently the new expansion came out Boscotetro and the year of the Raven began, we can not know what the real effects of abandonment will be Brode, considering that probably all the next expansions of this year will still be his and his staff's work, so the first real changes we could perhaps see them only from next year.