Cuphead It was one of the most popular games last year, an old-fashioned platform run'n 'gun, both in the gameplay and in the technical sector that wanted to pay homage to the old 30 short films.

His great success probably pushed the developers to think of a sequel, or at least a new additional content, at least according to what we can guess from some statements and clues. A few days ago the company Funko has indeed announced the marketing of a new Cuphead-themed t-shirt that will be available right from the E3 2018, but on which there is still a halo of mystery and everything is "top secret"


Beyond that, we must remember the words of Maja Moldenhauer of Studio MDHR that, during an interview with the launch of Xbox One X, declared that there would be new arrivals for Cuphead.

What better occasion than the E3 2018 during the Microsoft conference? It's not long now, in a few weeks we'll know the truth.